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Winning at the Point of Collaboration

by SUMMIT on December 23rd, 2014

Winning at the Point of Collaboration

When it comes to investing in collaboration technology, most companies try to meet their communication needs by reaching for any number of the feature-rich solutions available in the market. However, quite like many other products and services, collaboration solutions need to be more custom-fit. Companies have different needs when it comes to live, on demand, or ad-hoc video communication. For some, a simple solution like a phone bridge, or a web conferencing solution is sufficient. While for others, the answer must be carefully crafted and integrated in order to meet their unique requirements.

Creating Value through Customization

A cornerstone of any good business strategy is creating value for customers. Giving your customers what they want is one step towards this goal. Not always, though. In some cases, there may be a disconnect between what the client wants and what they need. The customer might not be aware of the nuances that set their business apart from the rest in terms of their communication needs. They might think that a one-size-fits-all approach is necessary. What worked for one business is bound to work for theirs. They fail to realize that their business requirements may be vastly different from another business. As a result, Gaps between the customers’ expectations and the fulfilment of their needs arise; the one-size-fits-all approach is not always suitable.

As a solution provider, the ability to pinpoint the exact requirements of your customers, and adjust your collaboration solutions accordingly, will set you apart. A solution provider with a customized approach creates true value for the customer and always “wins at the point of collaboration.”

Meeting Communication Needs through Tailored Solutions

Offering collaboration solutions to enterprises of all shapes and sizes requires a service provider who understands the key differences among the specific requirements of any business, SMB and small office, and home office (SOHO)/residential markets. While the communications requirements of SOHO and residential markets can be met with relatively simple services, the SMB and enterprise markets require far more complex, customized, and multi-site services with considerably more robust, scalable, and flexible order-to-activation processing.

How Solutions should Address Ongoing Changes in Enterprise Collaboration

Today, many collaboration services, such as unified communications and video conferencing, are being offered to businesses over the cloud. As the variety of services increase, businesses grow more dependent on their service providers. Moreover, there are two major factors that are changing the face of business communication: proliferation of mobile technology, and growth of enterprise mobility. These factors the communication needs of today’s businesses a very dynamic quality. Naturally, the need for scalable and cost-effective communication solutions is reaching its peak.

To serve customers from all sectors with equal satisfaction, it has become imperative for solution providers to offer fast, versatile, and flawless delivery of services; reduce order completion times; and eliminate the risk of service failures and service level agreement (SLA) violations.

The need for collaboration solutions has evolved to such an extent that taking the one-size-fits-all approach with prospective customers will no longer work in favour of the service providers. They need to create true value for their customers to win their long-term business. By recognizing a client’s specific needs and offering customized services, the client will acknowledge the value-added service supplied by a provider. The collaboration between supplier and client, and the customization that follows, is a win for everyone.

How has offering customized services earned you long-term customers? Share your success stories with us.

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