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Why Your Video Conferencing Must Be Mobile Friendly

by SUMMIT on August 6th, 2014

Mobile computing is one of the most important parts of the business world today. The Pew Research Internet Project says that 90% of American adults have a cell phone. A key way that today’s companies are utilizing mobile technology is through video conferencing. Video conferencing solutions and mobile support are two integral elements for business success because of the versatility they add to company communications. In order to make your video conferencing as successful as possible, it is important that the technology supports mobile technology.

Why Video Conferencing Tools Should Have Mobile Capabilities

Mobile devices are some of the most critical tools for business because they free up professionals to work from any location. Because of the rise in prominence of remote work in recent years, it is currently more important than ever before for mobile devices to have the functionality that companies need. The benefits of video conferencing solutions and mobile support can be extremely helpful for business productivity. They include:

  • The ability to instantly unify a workforce from any location: even if your team members are working in different places, it might be necessary from time to time for them to come together on a particular project that needs to get done right away. Mobile video conferencing makes this kind of collaboration much easier
  • Reduced business costs: instead of having to buy a laptop or other kind of video communication device for employees, businesses that depend on mobile conferencing can allow their employees to utilize the same devices they already have to make it much less difficult for them to participate in video conferences when necessary
  • Easier integration for clients: businesses that have to work with professionals outside of their own organization will find that it is much easier to get clients to participate in video conferences if they can do so right from a mobile device. More efficient customer communications means a higher customer satisfaction rating, which will improve your company’s bottom line

Considerations To Make For Mobile Video Conferencing

After understanding the reasons that mobile video conferencing is so important, it is necessary to think about what type of conferencing solution is right for your organization. One of the key factors to consider when choosing mobile video conferencing tools is scalability. Think about the kind of applications you have for your video conferencing and whether or not they will grow in the future. If you plan on expanding your business, you need to have a conferencing system that can grow with your company.

You also need to think about how your mobile video conferencing system can integrate with the current systems that you use for business communications. Make sure that you find one that can replace or work together with the tools that you already use for conferencing and mobile communications. Video conferencing solutions and mobile support are critical for businesses that are looking to streamline their communication methods. With the right kind of video conferencing tools you can enhance collaboration between team members, improve customer satisfaction, and make sure that your communications infrastructure is as effective as possible.

At Summit Integrated Systems, we aspire to work with our clients to drive technology solutions that solve complex business problems. If your company is looking for a partner to provide the leading solutions in audio, video, collaboration, and presentation technology, we would love to connect to see how we may be able to help. 

Summit Integrated System serves the audiovisual and video communication needs of corporate, education, government and a wide variety of other organizations throughout Texas as well as the United States. 

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