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UC Is Evolving, Don’t Believe Us, Ask Coca Cola

by SUMMIT on January 15th, 2015

UC Is Evolving Dont Believe Us Ask Coca Cola

What is the one failsafe tip for growth and improvement for modern enterprises? Evolve. Change is inevitable for business, especially in the lightning fast world of tech innovation. It is important to recognize the changes and evolve to keep getting smarter in all the ways we communicate.

Unified Communication Means Smart Communication

UC, or unified communication, has its roots deep in the objective of removing bottlenecks from communication methods used for attaining business and social goals. Thanks to the tech boom, every day new mediums of communication are surfacing. Tech savvy employees and customers are functioning as catalysts for introducing various technologies to organizational communication culture. Enterprises cannot stop this tech surge, even if they want to. Unified Communication functions as the essential discipline to seamlessly integrate diverse mediums and devices, allowing businesses to gain centralized control over the entire communication chain, and to smarten up the entire process.

Outcomes of the Quest for Smart Communication

In the mission of making communication smart and truly mobile, UC is also undergoing phases of transition and constantly evolving. The various communication models that the discipline encompasses are the best proofs in support of this observation. Real time, or almost real-time, communication has become more important than ever for addressing urgent operational barriers, or responding to customers’ queries. There used to be a time, when emails or voice mails were considered the ideal and most productive outputs of UC. Smart device evolution and the inception of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) have encouraged multimedia empowered communication like never before. MMS or text messages (SMS) and IMs (instant messengers) have been proven more effective at resolving issues real-time or almost real-time, compared to voice mails and emails.

Welcoming the UC Evolution

UC is evolving and corporate giants are welcoming the evolution with open arms. Why? The objective of productivity optimization can only be attained by smartening and simplifying the way the job is done. Since that is the ultimate organizational objective, it also means possibly rejecting traditional forms of UC communication with a sense of urgency when they are no longer meeting the objective. It is happening today. Difficult to embrace, of course, especially when the change makers are multi-national giants and the shift away from earlier methods will require extensive overhaul of the existing communication structure. It’s a common concern, however, in reality, the biggies are proving that the transition requires a big push.

The Pioneering Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s sudden and immediate discontinuation of the voice mail service is one of the most dazzling proofs that modern enterprises aren’t afraid to push. They realized that their system of going through voice mails and sorting issues per priority was time consuming – an undeniable impediment to introducing a smart work culture. In terms of cost-effectiveness, rejection of voice mails is a favorable decision. As per the reports, the company will save around $100,000 every year, thanks to the transition. However, the decision makers aren’t really concerned about the monetary benefits. Instead, they are inspired by the idea of simplifying work.

Be the Big Push

Coca-Cola’s decision to eliminate voice mail is just one instance of how rapidly and deeply modern enterprises are getting entrenched in the evolving UC. Removing barriers to communication is a necessity. The UC revolution should not be limited to corporate giants only, but enfold medium and small scale companies and urge them to opt for improvements now, rather than later.

Let’s not wait for the big push. Let’s be the big push.

What do you think of Coca-Cola’s decision? How do you think it will impact business at large? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

photo credit: timothyh via photopin cc

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