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The Church of YouTube: What You Need to Launch Your Video Ministry

by SUMMIT on June 9th, 2015

The Church of YouTube What You Need to Launch Your Video Ministry

Video content is one the most consumed types of content online. Predictably, churches are catching on to this trend and setting up their own video ministries. What better place to deliver such videos than the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube. Key messages from the pulpit, highlights taken from important events, and even full church services can be broadcast to thousands or even millions via personalized YouTube channels.
In this article, we discuss what it takes to start your own video ministry, no matter your level of expertise or budget. What follows is a look at what equipment you need, an exploration of effective and ethical filming, editing software needs, and video delivery considerations.

Essential Video Equipment

First and foremost, you need a video camera. Your camera is your most valuable investment. A poorly put together camera creates poor quality videos. Purchasing a high quality, HD camera is now more affordable than ever. These cameras help produce top quality video content. When choosing a camera, consider those with external microphones, lights and digital zooms. Costs range from $200 and $600. An industry-standard and an ideal starting place for product reviews and recommendations is

A great companion for your new digital camera is a portable tripod. With prices starting at around $15, it is an indispensable piece of equipment which will save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to filming and editing.

As churches are not designed with video in mind, lighting for your video is an important element you need to consider. The light intensity is not necessarily the issue, but rather its consistency. This is achieved by artificial lighting for very little investment, providing they are hung and directed in the proper manner to appropriately illuminate your shot. One thing to bear in mind is keeping your lighting within the same beam and watt rating. Overall, how the light appears on video will largely be dependent on the quality of the camera you chose.

A DVD recorder is the ideal device for recording live video. You either record directly onto a disk or to an internal hard drive. The latter option is best. If there are problems with the disk, you have a safely stored back up copy.

Advice for Effective & Ethical Filming

To center your subject in the middle of the shot, use the rule of thirds. Imagine your viewer is split into 9 sections, with three vertical lines, and three horizontal. Now align the subject in the middle section using the points where the lines intersect as guidance.

Another useful filming technique is recording more footage than necessary. This will be welcomed in the editing stages, when you have lots of material to choose from. Visit the HOW’s website to ensure any material you film is not protected by copyright law. If so, you must seek permission before broadcasting. One final note on ethically filming—it is considered standard practice to attain a signed permission form when directly filming small children and vulnerable adults.

What You Need for Video Editing

For an easy introduction to video editing, use Windows Movie Maker on PC, iMovie on the Mac, or the editing software that comes with your camera. They all include powerful editing tools for your content, elevating it to broadcasting standards.

How to Deliver Your Finished Video
After finishing your video, YouTube is your next port of call. Create your own video channel for your church or organization (you can find simple steps on how to do this on YouTube) and upload your videos. Explore the settings and make use of YouTube’s features, such as the comment and video rating regulation options. And that’s it! You now offer an improved service for your existing faith community while reaching out to a whole new set of potential members.

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