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Monitor AV like You Monitor IT

by SUMMIT on January 27th, 2015

Monitor AV like You Monitor IT

For more than 15 years, the idea of AV and IT collaboration and integration has been a hot topic. As it has become easier to remotely monitor and manage IT, some companies have taken the lead and headed down that very path. However, many companies are still treating audio visual like something that needs to be run on a separate system, and if it does happen to be tied in on the network, it certainly doesn’t need to be monitored. It begs the question: If AV and IT are truly heading down the path towards uniting and essentially becoming the same thing, then why wouldn’t we monitor and manage them the same way? Perhaps the reason is due to ignorance about the true operations of AV installation systems as they relate to IT, and vice-versa, and an unawareness of how closely they are related to each other.

AV and IT have Converged but it’s Still a Foreign Concept for Businesses

As AV operations are more often merging with network technologies, new opportunities for better collaboration and enhanced productivity are opening up for organizations. But the concept is still fairly new, and one that is not frequently seen because many AV companies do not have the required IT expertise. It’s also difficult to find people who are proficient in both AV and IT.

Today AV and IT convergence is paramount to support the changing needs of businesses. For instance, the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend has brought about the consumerization of IT, but it has also increased the challenge of incorporating mobile technology into AV integrations.

Changes may Lead to a Successful Convergence

With the aim of not isolating either IT or AV, integrators have started working on AV with the help of Ethernet. And while it is difficult initially for companies to adapt to the changes, soon they will realize that the convergence of the two is a benefit of the integration process. As a result, AV integrators will find themselves in a more competitive business scenario.

A Win-Win Situation

The Internet Protocol Network and Audio Visual integrations have come together as a marriage of convenience for the industry, one that will be more beneficial for AV integrators. One view suggests that if the AV industry doesn’t upgrade its monitoring capabilities like its counterparts in the Internet industry have, the job in hand may slip through their fingers without reason. The entire industry is looking at a lucrative option with the convergence of AV/IT systems, and in these situations, monitoring AV in keeping with the standards of IT administration is the smart decision. To illustrate the point, Atos and Panasonic have come to an agreement to develop AV and IT Solutions jointly when it comes to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympics Games. With remote AV monitoring systems, that convergence will no longer cause a headache for the integrators around the world.

Paying attention to systems and proactively monitoring them can save time, money, and help keep systems running better, and for longer. If AV and IT are to unite truly, then it makes complete sense to monitor and manage them in the same way.

Do you agree? We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

photo credit: DSmous via photopin cc

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