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Why Lighting Matters For Presentation Technology

by SUMMIT on August 26th, 2014

Presentation lighting is critical for presenters that want to make a good impression and convey the right message to their audience. Lighting matters because of the way that it affects the people and objects in video communications. It is important that you have suitable lighting in place for presentations so that the information you are looking to transmit goes over properly to everyone, no matter what kind of device they are viewing the presentation on.

Lighting For Different Kinds Of Rooms

The first and most important consideration to make when it comes to lighting is to ensure that you have enough of it. A lack of lighting will cause your face to be washed out and dark. Once you know that you have enough lighting, you need to address the question of how you should use this lighting in your particular room.

According to About Technology, it is best to look at the direction where the light is coming from. This will prevent shadows and halos from appearing during your presentations. One common perpetrator of this kind of problem is a window behind the desk or computer screen. These windows can cause glare as the sunlight comes in behind you. When executed properly, lighting in a room will enhance a person’s look, not distort their face and distract from their presentation.

Lighting’s Impact On Object Presentation

Lighting can also have a significant impact on the way that objects are sold or presented. If you are going to be holding a presentation that involves any kind of discussion of particular objects or technology that can be held, it is especially important to account for the lighting of these objects. Think about adding a spotlight to highlight specific objects in focus, which will help guide audience attention to the place where it needs to be. You can also experiment with contrast lighting, which makes certain areas darker and lighter depending on the presenter’s goals.

Lighting In A Classroom Presentation

If you are working on lighting for a presentation that will involve multiple rooms and angles, your lighting concerns are a little bit more complex. It is important to remember that everyone presenting or speaking during the presentation needs to be illuminated properly. With these kinds of presentations, you may want to invest in a more complex lighting system that is capable of handling multiple directions.

The Importance Of Testing

No matter what kind of presentations you are setting up, or how large of an audience you plan on reaching, one simple rule can help you find more success with presentation lighting: testing your lighting before your live presentation. When you test your lighting before your official presentation, you will have a much better idea about any potential problems and how to resolve them before your real presentation.

Good lighting facilitates a clear presentation that gets its point across concisely. Be sure to take steps to improve your presentation lighting so that it is less of a challenge for you to be seen clearly and has the intended impact upon the people you are presenting to.

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