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How Virtual Meeting Rooms Can Improve Your Business

by SUMMIT on May 27th, 2015

How Virtual Meeting Rooms Can Improve Your Business

Virtual meeting rooms (VMR) help facilitate cost-effective and spontaneous meetings in your organization. VMR schedules meetings for remote employees by leveraging the benefits of audio visual technology. Like other enterprise visual communication aides, VMRs quicken the pace of doing business. The 2014 SHRM Employee Benefits Report revealed that 59 percent organizations prefer remote working options and offered some form of telecommuting opportunity. Given its huge potential, VMR offers significant advantages for employees and organizations.

Virtual Meeting Room Benefits for the Employee

As the number of mobile employees increases, workplaces expand. Remote jobs are now attractive options. Virtual meeting rooms offer definite advantages and ensure a seamless continuity of work activities for remote employees. Connecting employee devices to broadband quality Internet enables them to remotely set up meetings.

Meetings can be Arranged Anytime, from Anywhere.

Employees hold meetings as necessary through Virtual Meeting rooms. As VMRs are meeting rooms in the Cloud, employees can arrange meetings right from their desktops or even while they are travelling. This eliminates the need for physical meeting rooms. This also reduces waiting time and expedites decisions on urgent issues.

VMRs can Replicate Real-life Meetings.

Virtual Meeting Rooms are temporary connections where meeting participants connect through a virtual address. Attending participants are clearly visible to each other, simulating a similar experience to a physical meeting.

Supports Easy and Flexible Content Sharing.

Virtual Meetings facilitate content sharing. There is an additional benefit as participants manipulate the shared content as per their preference. As they use their own technologies to attend meetings, this enhances their comfort level in maneuvering content.

Virtual Meeting Room Benefits for the Organization

Every organization benefits from productive employees. Virtual Meeting Rooms enhance employee productivity, indirectly furthering the objectives of the organization. Additionally, there are several economic benefits, reduced time and money spent travelling to face to face meetings, for example.

Saves the Costs of Face-to-face Meeting.

VMRs eliminate the necessity for physical meeting rooms and, therefore, office space costs. As virtual meeting and collaboration rooms increase in popularity, organizations save on one of their largest expenses.

Enables Faster and more Productive Meetings.

Availability of meeting rooms no longer constrains the meeting of employees. Therefore, productivity automatically increases. Work urgency precedes time-consuming meeting arrangements. This helps deliver results more effectively.

As organizations strive to deliver more, they experience an increase in their performance efficiency. Organizations generate better returns with enhanced collaboration. Therefore, Virtual Meeting Rooms generate both cost and performance benefits.

With technology enhancement, organizations redefine their work practices to garner better benefits. Virtual Meeting Rooms are one such practice helping organizations harness the benefits of technology for its employees and for its own future.

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