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How Technology is Benefiting Today’s Modern House of Worship

by SUMMIT on July 22nd, 2015

How Technology is Benefiting Today’s Modern House of Worship

Houses of Worship (HOWs) are continuing to better use digital platforms to get their message out to their faith communities. The advantages technology has provided congregation members and HOWs alike, allows for an immersive, purpose driven, and charitable experience for congregants no matter where they are located, or even if they are able to physically attend services each week.

Here are seven inspirational ways HOWs are using technology, and the benefits of doing so:

Visual storytelling. Visual storytelling brings valuable parables and lessons from the past to life, and user friendly AV equipment has made adding custom audio-visual aides to sermons a breeze. To engage with younger members and enhance readings, clips from the media—and even YouTube—can be paired with modern music and other visual media, such as photography, to create an attention grabbing experience. This can bridge the generation gap when preaching a message that you hope resonates with the younger, more tech-savvy generation.

Another way visual storytelling can be best used is through video testimonials. These often moving, personal stories of faith help the congregation to connect with the other members, creating a deep feeling of community.

Real-time sharing of community projects. Technology allows a house of worship’s community efforts to shine, showing how they are making a difference, even in real-time. Missionaries for example, using mobile devices, can send videos of current projects over Wi-Fi for congregants to enjoy. Fieldwork that is done out of the country or groups building houses in other states, can now show “live” progress with their community. And with telepresence and webcasting, depending on the level of bandwidth available and the type of AV system you have, you can even bring those missionaries “to your church” for a live presentation.

Online donation services and crowdfunding campaigns. Digital payment services such as PayPal make it simpler to give donations. In fact, there are already church specific donation services being used and developed. In addition to this, crowdfunding and fundraising sites let HOWs digitally share stories and social issues they support. This new format allows the younger millennial donor to see—and potentially share—the types of projects that speak to them most, in the online format which they prefer.

Live Video Streaming of Sermons. Not all members can physically be present for all community events or services. Live streams, podcasts, and interactive broadcasting (such as webcasts and webinars), are now routinely found on HOWs websites. This means that those who are housebound, or even away on vacation, won’t miss out on the opportunity to practice their faith and feel part of the faith community.

Spread the message further and faster using social media. HOWs see how powerful and effective social media can be when it comes to their organization. Sharing passages or daily thoughts via Facebook and Twitter can keep members involved, inspired, and connected throughout the week. It also offers a widely used platform to talk with the community and offer helpful advice. Also, all of the above mentioned AV ideas, from testimonials to community projects to webcasts to videotaped sermons, are all examples of content that can—and should—be distributed via social media channels.

Technology as a whole is bringing us new and better ways to communicate with each other. With video streaming and social media, HOWs now can spread their message across the nation, or even across the globe.

Much of the work done in a house of worship is purpose driven and intended to inspire healing and better the lives of those who experience it. Fortunately, technology is making it easier to work towards these goals, and share them with everyone.


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