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How Digital Signage is Changing Healthcare

by SUMMIT on September 8th, 2015

How Digital Signage is Changing Healthcare

As technology transforms our world, digital signage has emerged as a popular marketing and communications tool. Why? Because this media-rich, tech-driven solution is not only a highly effective communications medium, it is environment-friendly, and when implemented correctly, can provide a high return-on-investment (ROI). From its initial use for advertising, digital signage is now strongly impacting other sectors, including the healthcare industry.

A 2014 report by Grand View Research predicted the global market figures for digital signage to hit $20.03 billion, with a CAGR of 6.1 percent over the next six years. The report also identified retail and healthcare as two main application areas driving this growth.

Digital Signage in Healthcare

The dynamic nature of digital signage has made it ideal for mass client-centered industries, providing communications, entertainment, and profit-generating avenues, among other benefits. As such, digital signage is changing the face of the healthcare industry, improving several key areas, including enhancing the patient experience and earning their loyalty.

The healthcare industry has evolved—and is still evolving—thanks to new technologies and the wave of digitization sweeping through it. Innovations like telemedicine and remote monitoring are widening the ability of the industry to become more patient-centric. Yet, the core experience of visiting a healthcare facility hasn’t changed much; there are still long, boring hours in the waiting room. In such an environment, digital signage not only shortens the perceived waiting time and alleviates the associated boredom, but also provides an effective platform for communication and education.

Five ways digital signage is helping the healthcare industry:

Information. Large screens or video walls allow for instant sharing of information for both patients and staff in hospitals and rehab centers. Class or event schedules, directories, privacy information, and other vital information is easily shared through rich media via digital signage. Since patients are usually asked to refrain from using their cell phones inside hospitals and at clinics, digital signage can also be used to communicate information like weather reports and/or news headlines.

Entertainment. Digital signage can also be used to share content that keeps people entertained. Health tips, interesting health trivia, fun facts, puzzles, games, or inspirational quotes can help make the whole experience more pleasant and adds to the “feel-good” factor of the facility.

Communication. More general information such as directions, compliance details, emergency instructions, or facility regulations are also well suited for digital signage. Personalized messaging can be easily incorporated with digital signage, and can garner audience attention.

Marketing and Revenues. Facilities can also generate income from advertising the products and services of allied business and community partners. Advertisement through digital signage can also help raise awareness for additional services that patients might not yet know about.

Cost Savings. The use of large digital screens make it easier to communicate with larger numbers of people, eliminating the need for printed materials and saving the cost of printing. In addition, newer LED screens promise less energy consumption than traditional signage solutions.

Healthcare providers typically cater to hundreds and even thousands of people daily, depending on the size and location of the facility. Digital signage allows consistent, real-time communication to a large audience. It also helps streamline daily operations, providing necessary notifications and information to many people at once. Besides enhancing the patients’ overall experience, digital signage offers better communication and a solid patient-retention strategy, and that’s good for everyone.

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