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Five A/V Industry Buzzwords To Try To Forget In 2013!

by SUMMIT on December 12th, 2012
Like other industries within the technology sector, we in the A/V business love our buzzwords. After all, a great buzzword is more than just a shorthand way to describe something complex. It’s a secret handshake that lets people know you’re part of the tribe — one of the cool kids. But considering that we are ultimately in the communication business, it only seems right, and prudent, that we be able to communicate effectively with our co-workers and especially our customers. So maybe it’s time to weed the garden and take some of the low hanging fruit offline. Because at the end of the day, if we’re target-locked on a customer-centric paradigm, we can achieve some incremental synergies and focus more on our core competencies — if we know what the heck we’re actually saying. Here’s a few that may not offer the same added-value that they once delivered. ROBUST The more useful a buzzword, the greater its popularity. And few are more useful than this extremely nebulous and vastly overused beauty. Its value stems from the fact that it can mean almost anything and is really, really fun to say. THE CLOUD Your chances of finding two people to define The Cloud in the same way are about the same as winning the Powerball lottery – without buying a ticket. SOLUTION-DRIVEN Whatever happened to just solving problems? Of course, if you promise to solve someone’s problem, they can usually tell you whether you succeeded or not. If you sell something that’s solution-driven, you may have a little more wiggle room. SOA (SOLUTIONS ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE) As the bastard son of solution-driven, SOA is actually even more impressive due to its use of the plural rather than the singular. Multiple solutions are better than just one — right? PLATFORM-AGNOSTIC Before this gem was invented, it took four words instead of two to say the same thing. Although admittedly, “we can do it” just doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way. Which overused, misused or abused buzzwords would you like to see banished in the new year?

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