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Empowering a Mobile Training Environment

by SUMMIT on February 24th, 2015

Empowering a Mobile Training Environment

The need for effective and affordable training can hardly be overstated. We have always been eager to find a perfect training environment, or at least a near perfect one. Our quest to find an environment which is effective, convenient, and easily accessible has led us to explore the benefits of mobile training. Mobile training or, to be precise, distribution of training programs through mobile devices, is not new. It has definitely climbed to new heights with the emergence of smart devices. These devices are a major reason behind the rapid increase in mobile training. They are undoubtedly the reason we have broken the barriers of distance. Smart devices fit perfectly into the remote working system.

Major Trends in the Mobile Training Environment

There are some developments in the mobile training environment that we believe are worth noting here:

Wider acceptance of mobile training. According to Cisco’s global survey of office workers 66% expect their IT departments to grant them access to corporate networks with their own device. In a 2013 mobile learner survey, 99% confirmed mobile format training enhanced their learning. Almost 100% assured that the chances of completing e-training programs would significantly improve if they used a mobile training environment.

The Towards Maturity Benchmark study indicates that the expectations are at an all-time high when it comes to the mobile training environment’s usefulness to generate a desirable outcome. Among the surveyed learning & development professionals, 8 out of 10 actively believe mobile training helps staff to timely access support. Those numbers are encouraging and point to the possibility of increased employee motivation and engagement. The increase in motivation and engagement has also been confirmed by professionals in educational institutes.

Need for rich and dynamic learning experience. The desire for a vibrant learning experience is an extension of the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trend. New age learners are asking for something different and mobile training could deliver it. They want solid interaction, which can help improve their learning. New technology in L&D space is capable of delivering the dynamism using an HTML5 environment, CSS, and Java based interactions.

Offline access to improve productivity. Access is an obvious implication of what mobile training should accomplish. Training will need to be accessed anywhere and everywhere if you hope to unify your remote workforce. Learning must not be stalled, especially when inspiration is high. Today’s Generation Y workforce is ultra-mobile. They are globally distributed and are collaborating in high value projects. Remote workforces can derive value from a training environment that they can access both on and off-line.

Questions to be Answered

Despite all the big promises and the expectation around mobile training environments, we still need to be cautious. Mobile devices and technology that enables mobile learning are not self-sufficient. To make the most out of any mobile training environment we need to consider the answers to the following questions:

  • What do you expect to derive out of mobile training technologies as an organization?
  • What are the problems that your organization wants to solve using mobile training technology?
  • Do you expect to achieve any behavioral changes in your employees?
  • What is the demography in your organization? What is the distribution of age and gender across the workforce? And what are the implications, if any, of those various classifications?
  • Are you concerned only about compliance training?
  • How does your training objective link with your business objective?
  • How does your organizational IT framework allow or restrict mobile interaction?
  • What are the budget and timeline limitations?

These questions do not look critical on the surface. However, finding answers to them will help you to customize your approach to introducing the mobile training environment that is best suited for your business.

We would love to hear your thoughts about training your mobile workforce. Have you found success in creating a mobile learning environment, or stumbled over a particular road-block? Please share it with us.

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