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Digital Signage Needs to Engage and Motivate Your Employees

by SUMMIT on June 2nd, 2015

Digital Signage Needs to Engage and Motivate Your Employees

According to a Gallup poll, companies that engage their employees have greater work productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction. The survey also said it brought about lower absenteeism and job turnover and less safety incidents in the workplace. However, the poll shows only 29 % percent of employees in the U.S. are truly engaged at their jobs. This means that more than 70 percent are not fulfilling their potential at work. This creates an adverse effect on the overall performance of U.S. companies as well as the economy as a whole.

In light of such compelling data, many businesses are turning to interesting and interactive digital signage as a way to motivate employees. There is so much technology competing for our attention right at our fingertips. Companies need to find a way for digital messaging to stand out from all the noise and engage employees to help them stay active and motivated at work. Here are some tips to capture people’s attention with digital messaging.

Keep Content Relevant and Updated

Content is crucial in creating the desired effect through signage and needs to be relevant to your employees’ needs instead of being information just for the sake of it. This helps to define the purpose of the messaging. What exactly are you trying to get across to viewers? Is the intent to sell, buy, or recruit, or does it need to fulfill multiple functions? When the content says something of relevance to employees, there is an immediate connection to the messaging.

It is equally as important to make sure your messaging is fresh and up to date. Nobody is interested in yesterday’s news. It can be as simple as new promotions or updated photos, or it can be a function that is automated. Live social media walls, RSS feeds, and weather bugs are examples of automated information that is constantly updated, generating fresh content on a regular basis.

Maintain Shorter Message Cycles

Digital signage is primary seen while people are on the go, so it’s important to grab their attention as quickly and concisely as possible. Think about how long someone will actually see the message, maybe only a few seconds. Remove the clutter and cut to the chase to keep people focused on the content. Too lengthy a message fails to keep people engaged and they move on before fully grasping the intent of your messaging.

Maintain a Unique Voice in your Messages

Signage messages, no matter how short, need to be unique. People are drawn to things that are different from the regular, run-of the-mill messages. You can bring innovation and uniqueness by the use of graphics, crafting captivating messages, or even using motion in the narrative to build your storyline. Always keep your company’s branding in mind when doing so, whether in colors or logos. Another point to consider is if you make everything important, then nothing is important. In the same respect, by making every message stand out, none succeed in standing out, so balance the creativity within all your messaging.

Customize Content to Attract Target Audiences

Digital signage needs to target specific audience groups to be most effective. Content becomes more effective if it is customized for particular groups. For example, you may have messaging to promote unified communication solutions for a specific department in your company. This information should highlight the purpose and objectives of the solution to address the specific needs of that department. Other messages may connect with employees on a more personal level, such as content about retirement or health benefits. This customization and personalization helps the right people relate to the messaging, making it more engaging and successful.

Encourage User Participation

Interactive messages are proven to build engagement. Audiences love the feeling of being a part of the story narrative. Provide teasers to pique their curiosity and leave them wanting more with a call to action. Prompt people with questions or ask them to participate with actions that will provide answers. All these examples are extremely effective in building engagement in your messaging strategy.

Digital signage, when designed efficiently, can engage employees and even inspire them. It is important the messaging is unique, interactive and relevant. Maintaining a proper balance among all these features helps to make sure your signage continues to engage and motivate your employees throughout their day.

photo credit: AP-4 via photopin (license)

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