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AV Support: How Top Level Service Will Result in Sales

by SUMMIT on July 15th, 2015

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While launching AV products, organizations need to make sure that a top notch customer service package is part of the equation. Besides helping customers use the product, good service speaks volumes about the organization’s professionalism. It also shows how well equipped they are in addressing specific issues that customers could potentially encounter. On the whole, this helps to not only increase customer interest in your product but also builds brand loyalty. Both will help provide a boost to your sales graph.

Boosting Experience to Up the Sales Charts

Providing services in the AV industry does not always center on technical issues. It is more about enabling your customers to understand how well you know your product. When customers interact with a live person, they expect analysis and answers to their problems. Simply put, easily accessed, knowledgeable customer service results in repeat business, and increased sales. And don’t underestimate the importance of your customer support people. Ensuring your support staff are invested in your company, are highly trained, and will go the extra mile to provide the best in customer service, goes a long way in driving word of mouth referrals. Only a satisfied customer will spread the word about your product and your services to their contacts, and people trust other people—not advertising—so customer recommendations go a long way in purchasing decisions. Always remember, building an effective support experience is just as important for your product as its design.

Building Support Services – Identifying Opportunities

There are several effective ways in which organizations can build their support services. Let us take a look at some of the practices your organization may adopt.

Dealer Training Initiatives

When manufacturers provide comprehensive training to dealers selling their products, they create a spider-web of sorts of outside support personnel. Customers who interact with these trained personnel receive knowledgeable support in installing and deploying the product. Moreover, due to training from the manufacturers, dealers know how to speak the brand language. This helps establish brand consciousness in the mind of the customer. Therefore, converted customers continue to approach these dealers for repeat business.

Installation and Deployment Support

Providing support during product installation is an essential element of a happy customer experience. Products that provide poor post-purchase support bite into an organization’s profits. This is because customers tend to opt out of products that take a long time to install and run, never mind the fact that as integrators, these extended projects will also end up costing you time and money. Giving timely and accurate support when required is a crucial sales motivator. Therefore, installation support teams serve as the ideal sales champions for your organization.

By turning your focus toward training and product installation support, you will soon the reap the benefits of increased sales and higher levels of repeat business, as well as a growing reputation within the industry and the go-to company AV support.

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