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Why AV Should Be Part Of The Construction Plan

by SUMMIT on August 19th, 2014

The continued development of audiovisual technology means that both private consumers and commercial enterprises have the ability to utilize this communication tool very effectively. With the increasing emphasis on audiovisual technology as a way to enhance learning and collaboration across an organization, new construction projects need to account for audiovisual technology as early as possible so that it can be smoothly integrated into new buildings.

The Importance Of Early Planning For AV Tech

New construction projects are very complex and usually involve several different kinds of contractors that need to get their jobs completed efficiently. One of the main reasons that it is important for audiovisual technology to be accounted for early in the construction process is the impact that AV has on other areas of construction. AV technology that companies want to incorporate in a new building may impact the work of electrical contractors, for example, which are responsible for laying the wire that is needed to use many different kinds of audiovisual systems. If an area of a new building that will house AV hardware needs to be cooled properly, those handling the HVAC portion of the job will need to ensure that they plan for AV rooms that need climate control.

The size and layout of many rooms in new buildings will also be impacted by decisions on audiovisual. For example, in a higher education building that has classrooms or lecture halls, rooms need to be constructed that provide space for a visual display screen that instructors often incorporate into their lessons. If this design is not planned for in the construction phase, it can cause a negative impact on the efficiency of a building when it comes to achieving communication goals.

How To Account For AV In Construction Planning

One of the best ways to make sure that AV needs in a new building are met is to bring AV specialists in on relevant construction projects very early. Try to retain the help of a company or advisor that is well-versed in the way that AV concerns need to be met during construction design. It is also important that you have an understanding of the goals that the building owner wants to accomplish. For example, if your building is being constructed to facilitate communication, it is important that AV systems in the building are set up to meet these needs.

How have real-life construction projects handled the challenge of audiovisual integration?  Campus Technology published a piece in 2009 that spotlighted the construction of a new campus building for the Texas Woman’s University in Houston, with specific attention to the way that AV systems were integrated into the construction process. Bill Megee at TWU suggests that higher education institutions planning to build a new campus should ensure that the project’s architect is required to account for AV systems in the construction plans. With the proper approach to new construction projects, any organization can ensure that their building is able to handle the necessary AV systems required to improve the communication and collaboration abilities of those who are going to be using the building.

At Summit Integrated Systems, we aspire to work with our clients to drive technology solutions that solve complex business problems. If your company is looking for a partner to provide the leading solutions in audio, video, collaboration, and presentation technology, we would love to connect to see how we may be able to help. 

Summit Integrated System serves the audiovisual and video communication needs of corporate, education, government and a wide variety of other organizations throughout Texas as well as the United States. 

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