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5 Ways That Digital Signage Can Be Used On College Campuses

by SUMMIT on July 30th, 2014

Higher education institutions are often pioneers of the use of technology, especially when that technology can help people. Digital signage is a type of technology that is constantly evolving in its ability to help people learn information, get directions, and stay updated on important events. The ways digital signage is used on college campuses are very prominent examples of how digital signage can be applied in other places as well.

Helping New Students Get Around

College campuses are often very large and can be tough to navigate, especially for students that have not spent much time there. Thanks to digital signage, it is easier for students to find their way around to places that they want to go. Digital signage can be customized so that it shows maps of individual buildings or the entire campus. If a certain roadway or walking path to a building is blocked off, digital signage can also be changed to reflect that.

Transmitting Emergency Notifications

If something goes wrong on campus that poses a risk to the safety of people there, it is crucial that the message gets out. This is one of the most important ways digital signage is used on college campuses. Almost any digital sign can be converted for use to let people know that there is a serious problem on campus and what they should do about it.

Showing Off The School’s Work

Whether created by students or faculty members, colleges frequently produce some high quality work. One of the best ways to show off the latest work done by people that attend or work at a college is through digital signage. Digital signs can even be customized so that they show work in a specific department or field.

Providing Updates On Campus News

If a certain building or area will be closed at a different time than it usually is, it is important that the college has a way to let people know about this information. Using digital signage to give students, faculty, and administrators information about changes to the usual operation of the college is one of the more helpful ways digital signage is used on college campuses.

Improving Participation In Campus Activities

Participating in activities like clubs and sports teams is an important way that college students can enrich their experience. Unfortunately, with the huge array of things available for people to do on campus, the availability of these activities is not always fully understood. Thanks to digital signage, college campuses will be able to let people know about activities that they can participate in and when they are available. Because signs are customizable, they can be changed to let students know what particular activities are available when. For example, a digital sign outside of a gym can be changed as sports seasons change and different intramural sports leagues are available for teams to sign up in.

Digital signage is advancing quickly as users think about new ways to apply these signs. In large places like college campuses where the transmission of information is sometimes difficult, digital signage is extremely helpful. These five ways digital signage is used on college campuses are just some examples of how these signs are improving communication between people that work, live, and attend classes on college campuses.

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