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5 Ways AV Control Systems Make Presentations Better

by SUMMIT on September 3rd, 2014

AV control systems are tools that allow a company or facility manager to handle AV needs in an entire building with the same platform. These AV control systems are very beneficial for organizations and facilities that are looking to streamline the way that their audiovisual networks and devices operate. AV control systems particularly have a positive impact on presentations. Here are five ways AV control systems make presentations better:

1. Less Downtime

With an AV control system, it is possible for you to manage the maintenance and repair of all the AV systems in a single building with the same platform. This means that your presenters no longer have to worry about getting to their presentation room and not being able to present: you can identify and address these issues long before it is time for your presenter to give their presentation, to ensure that there is no stress over a malfunctioning projector or some faulty wiring.

2. Minimal Training

Another one of the important ways AV control systems make presentations better is by reducing the amount of training that your presenters have to go through, especially if they are used to making presentations in that specific building. With a consistent control system, it is much easier for presenters to understand how to control their presentations, even if they have not had the benefit of being able to attend training seminars about the systems in question.

3. Control Over Every Presentation Room Element

While presentations mainly have to do with what the presenter is discussing, other elements of the presentation room have a big impact as well. From lighting to drapes to audio, AV control systems allow you to streamline your control of every element of a presentation to give your audience a complete experience.

4. Streamlined Presentation Software

An AV control system allows you to use the same kind of software to control presentations in all of your rooms. For large facilities or office complexes, this can be a critical benefit, because it allows presenters to jump seamlessly from room to room as necessary. It also prevents your organization from having to limit its presentations to one or two set rooms that are equipped with the tools needed to control presentation AV systems.

5. Support For Mobile Presentation Devices

One of the ways AV control systems make presentations better is in the way that they allow mobile devices to be used. From laptops to tablets to smartphones, the best AV control systems will support mobile devices that presenters want to incorporate into their presentation. This means that your organization can have a larger range of presenters coming in, with less stress about whether or not their devices will be supported by your building’s AV systems.

AV control systems are a smart investment for a company that relies on presentations, whether they are held internally or externally. Choose the right type of AV control system and provider so that you can benefit from all of the ways AV control systems make presentations better.

At Summit Integrated Systems, we aspire to work with our clients to drive technology solutions that solve complex business problems. If your company is looking for a partner to provide the leading solutions in audio, video, collaboration, and presentation technology, we would love to connect to see how we may be able to help. 

Summit Integrated System serves the audiovisual and video communication needs of corporate, education, government and a wide variety of other organizations throughout Texas as well as the United States. 

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