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4 Markets Where 4K Projection Will Make A Big Impact

by SUMMIT on July 9th, 2014

4K is a technology that is rapidly taking over the display industry. 4K displays, with their 3,840 x 2,160 resolutions, offer four times as many pixels as today’s 1080p displays. Displays are used in many different industries for a variety of professional applications, but there are several markets where 4K will make an impact of significant size.

Higher Education

Video screens have been used in higher education for many years. Today’s higher education classrooms use sophisticated video conferencing and communication to allow for distance learning and video-facilitated group work. 4K displays will no doubt have a big impact on higher education because the high video quality will allow teachers and students to get more things done with their displays. Also, 4K resolutions are available on many interactive learning displays, including the SMART Board 8000 series.

The Corporate World

Another of the main markets where 4K will make an impact is in the corporate setting. Corporations already use videoconferencing technology to promote remote work and meetings between team members that are not in the office. 4K solutions will allow companies to get more robust conferencing solutions to better communicate with their employees.

Another excellent application of 4K displays in the corporate world will be for the visual display of information. Graphs and charts are very useful when it comes to forecasting and analysis. With 4K displays, corporations will be able to see more detail on larger screens, allowing them to get more use out of the infographics they use in meetings.

Oil And Gas

The oil and gas industry is one of the markets where 4K will make an impact because of the great amount of business data that oil companies need to work with. Information, such as gas pressure, temperature, and leakage monitoring, needs to be transferred very quickly and displayed in a way that can be seen and interpreted by the pertinent employees. 4K technology will allow for larger displays that can show off more information at a time, which will make oil and gas data transmission much more efficient.


With the development of new medical coding standards and an emphasis on electronic health records, there has never been more patient data transmitted using video displays. 4K displays will help healthcare providers and their staff quickly view patient data that is needed to administer care. 4K displays will also make heart rate and blood pressure monitors much easier to read for nurses and others responsible for tracking this information.

Another reason why the medical world is one of the markets where 4K will make an impact is its potential in remote operating procedures. Because of video conferencing, surgeons no longer have to be in the operating theater to provide guidance and feedback on surgical procedures. 4K displays will increase the speed and quality of these remote medical procedures, making them faster and more efficient.

4K displays are the next big thing when it comes to digital signage, television screens, and computer monitors. Although there are many markets where 4K will make an impact, these four industries are set to receive some of the biggest benefits from 4K technology’s improvements to display quality and video transmission speed.

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