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4 Applications for 4K and 3D Projection In The Oil And Gas Industry

by SUMMIT on September 9th, 2014

The gas and oil industry is one that has a tremendous need for the visualization of data. Thanks to rapidly-advancing display technology, companies in this field have access to excellent tools for projection. These tools are utilized by companies in the energy industry in several important ways that help them predict the future and analyze the past.

1. Analyzing Consumption

The way that people use gas and oil is changing all around the world. As energy use in developing countries like India and Brazil continues to go up, gas and oil companies need to have a strong understanding of how they can use 4K and 3D projection to get a better sense of historical and forecasted consumption. By using projection, companies can get a good idea of what type of demand they will need to meet in the coming years and which markets are most likely going to expand.

2. Maintaining Operational Efficiency

The sophisticated machines that are used in the drilling and refining process must be working at their highest possible level in order for gas and oil companies to maximize the return on investment of their operations. With 4K and 3D projection in the oil and gas industry, it is possible for companies to closely monitor the output levels of equipment they are using and make sure that it is functioning at a high level so they get the most out of company resources.

3. Examining Current Fields

One of the questions that is set to have the biggest impact on the future of the gas and oil industry is how long drilling operations will last in particular areas. The longer these sites can be mined for valuable resources, the more revenue that can potentially be collected from them. With 4K and 3D projection in the oil and gas industry, companies have the ability to see how much use they have gotten out of fields of similar sizes and types, giving them a good idea of how long they will be able to pull resources from a particular field.

4. Conducting Exploratory Missions

When gas and oil companies need to find new places to mine raw materials used to create their end products, they need to be able to visually project data that their exploratory devices bring back. 3D and 4K projections of information that is gleaned from these exploratory missions can serve companies very well when it comes time to decide where to set up a new project. Projections allow engineers and analysts to look at data about potential sites for mining in more efficient ways.

Tools that are used for 4K and 3D projection in oil and gas industry companies are extremely powerful. Depending on the needs of the company, these tools can help identify new fields, maximize use of equipment, and tell how customers are consuming products. It is important to use the right system for projection that gives you the ability to get all of the information you need in the proper format, which will make your company’s use of data much more efficient.

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